Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Victor Gnanadurai enjoying Wesak in Sri Lanka.

OH HOW I LOVE SRI LANKA! Glorious Sun 32deg C.
Every pedestrian, Every vehicle, stopped, free iced passion fruit juice, free ice cream, free iced coffee, free short eats freely given with a joyful smile, sending us away cheerfully. Traffic still flows easily. Food poisoning, no worries.
Every outlet, every post, checked strictly by public health and certified.
No litter, no waste. All cups collected.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Obituary - Udupihilla


Manasara Wedisinghe

7:12 AM (48 minutes ago)

to me, Charith, Jayalath
Dear  all.
Received  the  sad  news  of  passing away  of   Udupihilla  this  morning.
It  was  very  sudden  ,and  passed  away  within  minuites.
Possibly  a  rupture  of   a  aneurysm  of  the  Aorta  ,  he  had  been  known  to  have had  for  some  time.
We   (Jayalath  and  two  of  us  )  hope  to  go  up to  his   home ,  and   hope  to  take  a  wreath  on  behalf  of  our  batchmates..

Pl  inform  all  batch mates  ,  as  you  usually  do.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Preview of 'History of Medicine in Sri Lanka'

Funeral arrangements for late Dr. Dinil Wickremasuriya


Charith Nanayakkara

7:52 PM (9 hours ago)

to me, Manasara
Dear Philip & Mana
In case you had not received these details, I attach the sad news on the death of another of our batch mates - Dinil.

We are planning to attend.

Please share with our batch mates.